The course was originally 9 holes played across the hill on the lush meadow land beside the estuary, on ground leased for a penny a month from the Marquis of Lansdowne.  In 1993, the second 9 was opened, necessitating a golfer’s traffic light to cross the road between the two parts.

The first three holes are on the old ground and have a sense of grandeur.  The first offers a birdie.  The second offers a long haul but the third is fun. The fifth offers thoughtful play to negotiate 139 yards. It combines picturesque with  danger. The wee bridge over a stream is the stuff of old masters,  the copse on the right offers a massive ball trap and the pimple green threatens your card.  The three merge into a deliciously satisfying Par  3. There’s plenty to distract the mind and cause chaos in delivery.


Lucy on the bridge at the 5th with  Ann Thomas DSCF0611

On the new land the holes tramline up and down hill with some nice quirky approaches over streams. The course continues through delightful countryside with a few twists and turns until it eventually leads back onto the old land.  It’s there that the course begins to excite again.  The huge expanse of Kenmare water is in front of you with a well defended hole next to the water.  The remaining holes; take you over the water twice and back into lush parkland.

It is a course which women love because it is not too testing physically.

It is in beautiful countryside, it asks some good questions and is rewarding to play.