Playing the course

The golf course begins rather prosaically with parallel fairways running up, down. Hit, walk, hit walk with not a lot to trap a ball until you reach the 6th when the ground drops away.  It is a dress rehearsal for the 14th after more tramline holes.  The fourteenth is fun, impressive; a sheer drop of a 100 feet.  It raises questions about which club to use to land the ball where it belongs on the green.  The mind cartwheels faced with that drop, a choice which normally would take seconds becomes an issue of is this too short, too long?  The strike is easy, the ball falls free .

Landing it where I wanted, made the whole day worthwhile. Eithne Earle, the Ladies Captain refers to the 14th  as the Valley of Death.  Others talk of high winds carrying the ball into the gorse bushes on the cliff or beyond into the boiling surf. The 15th is a straight uphill endeavour but the 16th is tricksy.  It seems easy until you spot the chasm of a cliff between you and the green and the unmade gorse filled ground waiting to trap a stray ball.

Shabby but..

The course has its moments of grandeur but is shabby; daisies, dandelions and celandine were in abundance on the fairways and tees.  Such floral abundance looked pretty but who wants a ball deflected by a massive weed?….The greens  were flat and fair paced. That the course is well loved by those who play it was made obvious with the little notices from Valerie Berry and others reminding the player to pitch mark  plug holes.

Dunmore East is privately owned by Alan Skein and his wife Grace.  It was established 23 years ago by his father who was a keen golfer in love with his sport.  There is a clubhouse with a bar and restaurant which also serves the holiday camp and the little estate of pretty houses that the Skein’s have built.  The clubhouse facilities are good.  There is a ladies and a men’s committee.  Dunmore East has the largest over fifties golf society in Ireland which meets every Wednesday for a mixed draw roll up.  As long as you are a member of a golf club somewhere you may play.

The impression that Alan and Grace do not play golf and possibly find the houses they have built and the Holiday Park a better commercial interest is reinforced by the rusting buggies and bunkers filled with hard sand and dotted with weeds.  A round was relatively cheap at Eu 18. Lack of interest combined with the high cost of maintenance would explain the condition of bunkers and fairways.  On the other hand maybe I played there when the maintenance man was on annual leave!

Course Details

  • Par: 72
  • Length:
  • Address: Dunmore East Golf Club, Dunmore East, Co Wexford
  • Telephone: 353 0 51383 151
  • Website:
  • Fun Factor: Lovely Club Members