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Kerry People

Mary O Sullivan Ladies Captain 2015 Mary O Sullivan teaches Irish, Gaelic and her voice has a lilt which is delicate and akin to music to my English ears.  She has been playing golf for many years and is a member both of both Kenmare and Kerry.  She mostly plays at Kenmare.. [...]

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Cork People

Jimmy Bruen. As a 17 year old amateur, Belfast born James Bruen made his name at the Walker Cup trial matches.  He shot “an electrifying round of 68, one stroke more than the professional record of 67“.  It was the beginning of a meteoric climb to fame as one of the 6 greatest golfers of [...]

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Charleville People; Joy Binchy, Margaret Cashman and Lucy

The Ladies Captain The President and Ladies Captain Margaret Cashman has wide light green eyes and dark hair.  The sense of being with someone classically Irish increased within seconds of sitting down when an aged man sitting in the club bar called her attention to a good outside bet at Galway Races.  Mary [...]

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Castlemartyr People

Kate Heffernan- Ladies Captain The Ladies Captain Kate Heffernan’s golf history is slight.  She first picked up a club in June 2015.  In July 2016, one year later, her handicap is 24 and she won the Castlemartyr Ladies Championship with a Stapleford score of 44.  Everybody says/knows that it takes years to carve [...]

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Lunch with strangers

We walked to Lady’s island where I bought a  picnic lunch in the little store, rather than in the glitzy pub offering Guinness and more substantial meals.  There I joined four people sitting at a table in the sunshine licking ice cream cones.  Bizarrely they too came from from Somerset, the county where I now [...]

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Playing New Ross

Past President of New Ross Golf Course 2011, Kay Kelleher The last game I played on my first trip to Ireland was with the Ladies Captain of New Ross, Mary Mehar  We met on a wet, cloudy and miserable day in the bar at New Ross. She was accompanied by Kay Kelleher, a past [...]

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The Lure of the Camino Way

 Leave Lucy outside anywhere and inevitably someone will stop to schmooze.  Her most recent friend was a grey haired man sitting on a bench in  sunlight.  Lucy sat beside him, as he stroked her fur and tickled her and thus began a conversation which ranged from motor homes to walking the Camino Way. My [...]

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Three lessons in One Day

Three Lessons in One Day At Rosslare Golf Club I sat with the Ladies Captain, Catherine Howard, in a deep bay window waiting for the prizes to be awarded for the Ladies Winter Golf Competition.   Around us was a tense group of women anxious to know who  was Golfer of the Year’ and winner of [...]

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An angel?

This is  John.  No wings, no halo but to me indistinguishable from the real thing.  When I was stranded he brought a new fob to me for my wagon.  He arrived at 7 am; not in a chariot of fire but a grey Ford Focus. Once we tested that I could be mobile, he settled in [...]

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