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Castlemartyr Golf Club

Sunday 24th July Ladies Day It is the perfect day for a Ladies Championship, warm yet not hot, breezy but not windy and the course invites. The course is at the end of a long drive which winds past a stream, a castle and an imposing hotel indicated by an insignificant white sign with [...]

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May 2016; Free to roam – but where?

In May Lucy and I found out how complicated my quest would be to fulfil .  We travelled from Pembroke to Roslare and on to Dunmore East How do you decide where to go, good places to stay and sights to visit when you know virtually nothing about the place you are about to visit?  [...]

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Including Lucy Setting up a golf tour of Ireland for several weeks was never going to be easy and I made it more complicated by deciding to take Lucy with me. She is a Lucas Sporting Terrier;  looks like a soft cuddly toy but in reality she is a tough little beastie. The breed was created to [...]

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