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Monthly Archives: July 2016


Charleville People; Joy Binchy, Margaret Cashman and Lucy

The Ladies Captain The President and Ladies Captain Margaret Cashman has wide light green eyes and dark hair.  The sense of being with someone classically Irish increased within seconds of sitting down when an aged man sitting in the club bar called her attention to a good outside bet at Galway Races.  Mary [...]

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Charleville Golf Course

So many trees, so many dog legs........ Stand on the Ist tee and look up hill to the flag and take in the extraordinary pattern of green.  There is the light green of a shorn fairway, dark long grass, and even longer lighter fronded grass and many more hues of the leaves on the [...]

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Happy 75th Anniversary Charleville

Charleville: halfway between Cork and Limerick As I left to meet Margaret Cashman the Ladies Captain at Charleville, someone asked me where I was going. “Oh!” came the reply, “Why? Tourists don’t go to Charleville.”  “Oh yes they do.”  I said, “If they like playing good golf courses”. Later I mused on this interchange, Charleville [...]

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Castlemartyr People

Kate Heffernan- Ladies Captain The Ladies Captain Kate Heffernan’s golf history is slight.  She first picked up a club in June 2015.  In July 2016, one year later, her handicap is 24 and she won the Castlemartyr Ladies Championship with a Stapleford score of 44.  Everybody says/knows that it takes years to carve [...]

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THE COURSE Stepping on to the first tee prepares you for a treat.  Ahead is a softly rising wide fairway with undulating curves, bordered by gorse, or furze bushes as the Irish called them, and mature trees on the skyline. It appears to be a straightforward uphill punt.  So when it reveals bunkers in hollows [...]

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Castlemartyr Golf Club

Sunday 24th July Ladies Day It is the perfect day for a Ladies Championship, warm yet not hot, breezy but not windy and the course invites. The course is at the end of a long drive which winds past a stream, a castle and an imposing hotel indicated by an insignificant white sign with [...]

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May 2016; Free to roam – but where?

In May Lucy and I found out how complicated my quest would be to fulfil .  We travelled from Pembroke to Roslare and on to Dunmore East How do you decide where to go, good places to stay and sights to visit when you know virtually nothing about the place you are about to visit?  [...]

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St Margaret’s Beach Ladys Island Rosslare

This site is about 15 minutes drive from Rosslare Harbour so handy for a first or last night from Pembroke.  It is a family run site and has that cosy feeling of being cared for because it is someone’s home as well as a business. Grass is well mown, standings neat with accessible electric points, [...]

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Dunmore East Caravan Park

Dunmore East I arrived late having driven from Rosslare.  I wish I had been earlier in the day.  I knocked up the after hours receptionist who gave me a fob for the barrier (E 10) and said ‘go park where you like’. The site is a field bounded by cliff, woods and a wood chipped outdoor playing [...]

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Lunch with strangers

We walked to Lady’s island where I bought a  picnic lunch in the little store, rather than in the glitzy pub offering Guinness and more substantial meals.  There I joined four people sitting at a table in the sunshine licking ice cream cones.  Bizarrely they too came from from Somerset, the county where I now [...]

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