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Discover fun golf courses in the Republic of Ireland, the nicest motorhome sites,  interesting places to visit
and meet great people with Lucy and me!

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The Quest

Sir Henry Cotton is the reason that Lucy and I are playing 25 golf courses in Ireland this summer.  Why be inspired by a dead golfer?  Remembering a story about Cotton made me want to fill my days with great golf experiences  instead of sitting around reading newspapers and books, baking cakes for charity events, looking after other people’s children, walking the dog and volunteering.  Cotton was a professional golfer who won the British Open Golf Championships 3 times, fought in the RAF in the war and loved above all else to live the high life.

He knew how to enjoy himself. He loved champagne, caviar and bespoke tailored clothes. He lived in a suite in a 5-star hotel, and when he bought a country estate he bought it complete with butler and a full staff including a chauffeur for his Rolls Royce.  More than that he inspired his friends and they provided me with the reason for a Quest.  It happened like this;

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2708, 2016

Do Dooks because;

Dooks is one of the oldest golf clubs in Ireland. It is also among the best. As you approach it down winding roads between large houses with well kept gardens, the message pumps in that these people connect to traditional family values and naturally revolve socially around golf. Discovering the clubhouse over run by about [...]

2708, 2016

Dooks Golf Course

Dooks My first impression was that its dimensions were immense. Walking out to the first tee, the dunes flowed around me carrying my eye to the sea beyond and the Dingle Peninsula. It is an expansive setting unalleviated by many trees and those that can be seen lean inland, permanently bent and misshapen by [...]

2008, 2016

Bantry Bay Course

Bantry Bay There are few obvious birdies on this course.  The first is a short par 3.  The second is on the edge of the sea.  For Ladies it is 364 yards to the flag.  It was at the back leaving little space between the hole, the gorse and the sea.  The green undulates [...]

2008, 2016

Beautiful Bantry Bay

Play Bantry Bay because it is a diamond among the hidden gems of golf courses; cut and shaped by Eddie Hackett and Christy O’Connor Jnr out of the hills overlooking Bantry Bay. Stay in Bantry Bay like I did, because it has a peace which will enfold you daring you to let go of cares, [...]

1908, 2016

The Kenmare Course; marrying old and new!

    The course was originally 9 holes played across the hill on the lush meadow land beside the estuary, on ground leased for a penny a month from the Marquis of Lansdowne.  In 1993, the second 9 was opened, necessitating a golfer's traffic light to cross the road between the two parts. The first [...]

1908, 2016

Choose Kenmare- the town choice!

If you’re a woman you will want to play at Kenmare for the most basic of reasons.  It offers a chance to play golf on a charming course and high quality shopping.  The club house is in the heart of a town renowned for tempting clothes shops, the best restaurants in the South of Ireland [...]

The Traveller is Sammie Westmacott a retired psychologist, writer who started playing golf about 3 years ago. She is fascinated as much by the game’s challenges as the intricate social and commercial structures which support it.

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